Resolve . . .

Spring, 2014

     After our return to home base, sure enough, the microwave assault seemed to be minimized--especially since we now had a way to measure the intensity of energy.  But microwaves had been replaced by some kind of chemical that pervaded our home, our grounds, and our vehicles.  I feared for our lives and that of our pets.  I resolved to tell the world about this covert, criminal program that is insinuating itself into the very fabric of our society, slowly, "deniably" killing off (through disease or heart attacks or suicide caused by electronic technology) those of us who march to a different drummer.

     I had begun what was to be a one hundred day diary at the end of August, 2013.  I would publish it.  An expanded version is now available from   The book explains the horror and disgust that I felt

each day as it became clearer and clearer that humanity is doomed unless action is taken

to end such a heinous program.  I would alert news media (over 100 have received letters, 

calls, and emails about the program from us, but the media blackout  seems to be a tactic to

keep the public uninformed).  I would tell everyone I met about the program.  I had cards

printed indicating that knowledge about the program is a means of protecting oneself.  I have spoken to well over a thousand people, and only one had ever heard of gang stalking.  I would inform state and national legislators about the program and request that they investigate and devise  effective oversight to monitor and curtail or end such programs.  I would speak to local law enforcement agencies, explaining what was happening to us and asking that they inform themselves of the program and its potential threat to law abiding citizens.  I would contact every humanitarian agency that I could think of, explain the situation, and ask for help in bringing gang stalking  to public attention.  I would network with other Targeted Individuals at conferences and in any other possible way.   I would make myself available to address groups of people about the program and its dangers to democracy.  Finally, I would keep writing and publishing my thoughts and concerns about gang stalking, mind control, and the eminent future of mankind.