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Reflection . . .

Winter, 2014

     Directed energy attacks 1,500 miles from home base?  Why? Why me?  And why were the attacks harsher than the zings and zaps that had been going on in the previous months?  Who is responsible?  How do they know where I am?  What can I expect to happen next?

     It didn't take long to figure out that I had made whoever was responsible very angry.  Maybe because I had ordered a microwave detection meter the morning before the three attempts to get out of bed.  That same evening was when the debilitating blast occurred.  We'd left the next morning without the detector, and nowhere we went in New England had one.  We wondered about the one we had ordered.  Would it have been delivered?  Would the directed energy assaults continue since we would have a way to verify their existence?  Another reason for the New England attacks, we decided, was our visits to political offices, ACLU, AARP, Peace and Justice offices, and newspapers with information about what was happening. 

     Meanwhile, we had been researching Gang Stalking, and the more we read, the more obvious it became that the program was no harassment scheme by locals.  Rather, as John Mecca, Ted Gunderson, and others assert, it's tentacles reach nationwide, and it is probably funded with government funds for black operations.  Elements of NAZI/STASI, MK ULTRA, and COINTELPRO characterize the program, but its scope is more far reaching and even more frightening.  Networks of perpetrators throughout the country can be called on to watch, follow, and harass targets.  Our ever-expanding electronic technology allows operatives to track our every move and see or hear our communications.   So much for privacy.

     Yet, the most astounding aspect of this technology, and the most secret, is that it enables operatives to control our  memories, our dreams, our moods, our thoughts, and even our words and behavior.  Mind control!  It's purpose?  Control of the masses, according to the late Jim Keith.  No wonder Targeted Individuals are whistleblowers, activists, writers, artists--anyone who is a divergent, creative thinker.  These individuals continuously question the status quo, not to be obstinate, but to create dialogue about factors that influence our well-being as a society.  When people hear the term mind control, they automatically think, "science fiction."  But as Nick Begich tells us in his book, Controlling theHuman Mind, science fiction mind control is now reality, and knowledge about it belongs in the public domain, not just in secret government programs or in the laboratories of scientists for it is the current generation that must decide whether that technology will be used and if so, whether it will be used for good or evil.