A Bleak Future?

     By now, every last American--and most world citizens--should know what mankind's future holds.  The controlling few have told us again and again:  depopulation--or murder of most everyone--except for those "elite" controllers, and if we're lucky, a few of us to be their slaves.

     They believe that we, the unchosen citizenry, are wasting food and water that could be going to the few and all their progeny, enabling them to control the entire gene pool--and most everything else.

     They have told us the number of people that must be eliminated:  approximately 85-90% of the world's population must sacrifice their lives so the controlling few can have more--as if they don't already have enough.

     We have been told repeatedly of their plans via their media, their calendar agendas for our massive march to death, their ever-tightening tyranny abolishing human rights, and their mysterious "grave marker" called the Georgia Guidestones that predicts the massive reduction in population.

​     I talked about this issue on a video about

seven years ago, but at that point, the

revelations surrounding 9/11 and the

resulting Middle East massacres were not

as complete as they are today.  Even then,

though, national longevity figures, our

suicide rate, our military spending, and a wallowing economy in ful Federal Reserve

control, should have indicated that our powerful nation was suddenly losing ground as far less powerful nations surpassed us in many categories (though never in TV sales and military spending). 

     About four years ago, America's already low longevity figures tumbled for two consecutive years.   Hundreds of thousands of citizens were experiencing pain so shattering that they readily risked their lives in order to function.  To them, death may have been considered a blessing.  The media blamed the drugs they took.  I wondered if such severe and unusual pain resulted from remote pain delivery methods used by "gang" stalkers, et al.

     As Covid was released and spread, even greater longevity plunges have occurred.  World-wide, the death toll is now numbering near five million as fall 2021 begins, and it rises daily as new variants keep infecting people, even those who have been vaccinated.  In the U. S., the threat of more lockdowns, vaccination passports, and  booster shots touted as necessary by the controllers' media mercenaries, serve to clarify the purpose behind the controllers' various agendas (21, 30, 50).  "They" have told us.  "They" have shown us.

     Do we sit obediently, hoping that we may be chosen, that we may not be among those sacrificed?

     REALLY?  One out of ten is not great odds.

     So, what exactly do we do?

    I don't know, exactly, but what I do know is that this is the reader's chance to take control of the defense, reavealing the truism, "The best defense is a good, strong offense."

   During the past two years, most of us have spent scores of hours reading and listening to those better informed about bio-warfare.  This is important.  But it is every bit as important to understand not only who the real enemy is (one from within), but how to save ouselves, our families, and our nation.  (If possible!)

     Lastly, from all indications, the elite controllers are obsessive-compulsive about their desire to eradicate nine out of ten of us so they can have it all.  Thus, it is hardly the time for political correctness on our part.  Since "they" control money, media, and more, we--the ninety percent--can be villified and character assassinated in the manner that the Russian hero Rasputin was demonized by those desiring power.  Rasputin knew and tried to warn the ignorant masses, yet they danced in the streets when he was murdered, and 100 million Russian citizens paid with their lives, though this is not the story our history books told us.

     Whether it's Russia, America, or elsewhere, we hear the "official" narrative first, and the media insures we remember that narrative well--without thought, without question.  But questioning and thought have always guided mankind in his quest for a better, more human existence.

     For decades, we have been told, often bluntly.  Now the early rounds are being played.  It may look quite bleak, but we, the bottom 90% must have enormous, untapped, unrealized recourse.

Platform/Position Statement

  •  Diplomacy rather than war fighting.
  • Total transparency at every station and level of military, para-military, intelligence agencies, bureaus, departments, offices--in other words ALL government--local, state, and national.
  • Quietus of ALL covert surveillance of American citizens.
  • Immediate nullification and rescission of the "Patriot" Act. 
  • A thorough independent investigation of all covert agencies, offices, etc., which is to include full disclosure with no overrides of their "national security/top secret" activities.
  • Abolish capital punishment, except for crimes involving "gang" stalking tactics typical of the outlawed MK Ultra/COINTELPRO which are currently using modern technology, including no-touch electronic means to terrorize, torture, and control victims in a "slow kill" program.
  • Ban GMO's and encourage organic farming practices.  Do all that is possible to ensure the safety and purity of food and water.
  • Increase national longevity to a healthy 95 year, or higher average.
  • Promote front-end family planning.
  • Foster economic and social equity through job guarantees and a fair tax on the very affluent.
  • Look at different models of education in a effort to find a viable model to replace the school-to-factory or school-to-prison models currently being used in many public schools.
  • Explore viable methods of restorative and retributive justice.
  • Strive toward having the world's highest standard of living and longevity, the lowest incarceration rate, and the lowest military spending.
  • Hold mainstream media, which accounts for most broadcast news to viewers, accountable for the accuracy of their reports as well as for hoaxes and bogus reports.
  • Character assassination by big government, big media, big corporations, etc., will be seen as assassination.
  • Any and all forms of genocide will also be seen as murder.
  • Congressional investigations of the deaths of any whistleblower, dissident, activist, etc., with special, close attention given to "strings  of coincidences" or very unlikely events.
  • Secure all borders.  Adhere to strict quotas and guidelines for all immigrants.
  • Use all means to protect, reward, and defend whistleblowers, dissidents, and activists who risk their lives to report government or corporate intrustion into any individual's life.
  • End the Federal Reserve.


100,000,000 murdered . . ..systematically?  Is it humanly possible?

​​Supposedly, we learn from history, and, if we're really paying attention, we learn from those who interpret and make history. 

Enter, Solhzenitsyn.

Paangelini's Realm . . .

(This brief list is indeed expandable)

     Differences exist too.  One difference needs to be noted here:  American publishers and broadcasters (as well as others) have been very attentive about informing the populace about Covid, but these same publishers and broadcasters have hardly mentioned OGGS or the targeting of individuals--at least, seriously.  Quite sad, since OGGS or the targeting of individuals is ultimately as dangerous as a virus.  In fact, many Ti's agree that "gang" stalking tactics include the use of biological weaponry!


          Another Alexander Solzhenitsyn Gulag  Archipelago Article?!

Parallels:  OGGS/Targeting of Individuals 

and Covid

  • ​Isolation, exclusion, division--far more injurous than we ever thought.
  • Obedience to government control--and the noose tightens around our necks day by day.
  • Censorship!  More than in Farhenheit 451?
  • Mind control--total control--for which it is impossible to furnish substantial proof.
  • Massive depopulation, frequently cited as a prime goal of Organized Government "Gang" Stalking (OGGS), and Covid.
  • Government intrusion of individual privacy via the advanced technology enabling a 24/7 "surveillance society" and programs such as "contact tracing."
  • Increased anxiety and manufactured fear--both of which can traumatize victims, thus leading ease of controllers' efforts to depattern channels of thinking so a false reality or uncharacteristic behavior can be instilled. 
  • Use of electromagnetic, laser, or biological weaponry on a targeted populace and their environs.
  • Major media as a tool to misinform and isolate.
  • Complicity of many in medical professions, law enforcement, and government agencies.
  • Repression, oppression, and extreme persecution.


​​     Three SOLZHENITSYN articles in three days!  Why the sudden attention?

     Within an hour of reading the final article, a new Solzhenitsyn lover was born, and a stack of his

books was ordered.  A quick biography check informed me that we had been

Vermont neighbors for several years, but in different tiny villages.   (Even so,

we both had privacy issues.)

     But again, why the sudden Solzhenitsyn resurgence?  For decades, Russia

hasn't had the kinds of inhumane slave labor camps that Solzhenitsyn


                                            Political Prisoners

​                                                 (Easy Prey)

     However, the U. S. seems to be inundated with state-of-the-art prisons--beginning with

Guantanamo, and enough  FEMA camps to "camp out" most every American citizen.  While our

percentage of institutional confinement is notoriously the world's highest year after year,

electronic confinement--often classified Top Secret?--may be as ghastly.  But what of other types

of imprisonment that we do not know about?

     Commentaries from the writers, Yenor and The Saker, did indicate an ill-fated parallel between

early to mid-1900's imprisonment in Russia and 21st Century imprisonment in America.  Today, the

parallel is far more ominous since electronic weaponry can be directed remotely--almost

anywhere--to create electronic prisons where total mind manipulation, heart attacks, strokes,

cancer, and other lethal maladies with the accompanying deadly, torturous pain might occur


     The U. S. has such weaponry, obviously, and can find reasons to use it:  reasons like twin tower

destruction, WMD's--the list is infinite.  But do "they" (read: provocateurs of an evil empire) really

need an excuse?

                                 OBEY!   And Never Criticize?

     More background reading, and I discovered why Stalin sent Solzhenitsyn to the Gulag Archipelago

for eleven years.  It seems Solzhenitsyn had sent a letter to a colleague criticizing Stalin.  The

criticism?  Solzhenitsyn had called Stalin "the mustache man."  (Can it really get so bad that we

can't offer constructive criticism or express an opinion?)

     What if President Trump had sent those critics who called him "the man with orange hair" to

eleven years of hard labor at a northern Alaska FEMA camp?  Or, a la Leonard Peltier, fifty-five

years of solitary confinement!

                                   Tenuous CONNECTION

     Certainly, had I known that one of the most important and awarded writers the world has ever

known was just an hour or so down the interstate, I might have tried to arrange a few chats in

his garden in Cavendish.  (A probable "Nyet!"   Alex was a full-time writer and in exile.  A message

for mankind was no doubt paramount--not so much the entertainment.)

                 100 Million Russian Peasants Mass Murdered!?

​            Yet, just a few friendly, chit-chats in the long Vermont summer evenings could have rounded

out my education and maybe prepared us for the coming of an American hard-line "BOLSHEVIK"

TYPE POLICE STATE. The parallel:  In the early to mid-1900's, Bolsheviks mass murdered Russian

citizens (fifteen million peasants and another six million in a contrived famine.  Other estimates

range much higher, adding nearly eighty million to the twenty-one million figure.  Yes, 100 million

murders!  (So blood curdling, we must ask:  are these forces still a world power?)  Could "bolsheviks"

from the "cabal" be tormenting and torturing American citizens 100 years later?  (The High Cabal is

the term author L. Fletcher Prouty used in the second edition of The Secret Team.)

                                          A Hostage System?

     One thing more from my Solzhenitsyn reading--a so-called HOSTAGE SYSTEM.  A HOSTAGE

SYSTEM that finds and murders, not the person in their sights, but usually the family of that person: 

the spouse, the children; parents, or even random innocent persons who may have had contact

with him or her.  It is a system so heinous, people cannot believe it exists or that it could happen to

them--until it does.

     In 1975, when Solzhenitsyn delivered an address called "Words of Warning to America," in

Washington, D.  C., he said that the Hostage System still exists.  Why?  Because it works; because

the brave soul who is willing to risk his own life against systemic evil "still shivers at the threat to

his family."  Evil so monstrous we cannot fathom it--until we have been there!

                                                               In the U. S., Too?

     The Hostage System Solzhenitsyn spoke of is not just a product of 1920's Russia.  Rather, 100

years later, many tend to think it is very much alive in America.  For many Americans, this Hostage

System may be equated with what is loosely called Organized Gang Stalking (or Targeting of

Individuals), with"gangs" of millions (potentially billions) strong;  "gangs" that command killing

power never before seen in the world.  This killing power, always covert and cowardly, includes

remote electronic and psychotronic weaponry, as well as biological/chemical, and conventional

weapons, "accidents," and "natural" causes.

     How can Hostage System victims ever continue their fight against oppression when their family,

friends, and other innocents are dropping around them?  Victims know the history of the system,

and they know full well how sealed their fates are.  However, a line from a 2004 film, Control

Factor, may resonate with today's victims:  "I DON'T WANT MY CHILD GROWING UP IN HELL!" 

"Hell" being a totally controlled society.


     The final years of Solzhenitsyn's life, I gather, were centered on writing and researching a book,

200 Years Together, a two volume opus.  Unfortunately, we won't be reading this one in its entirety

until we master the Russian language.  While bits and pieces of the work by a variety of translators

are available on the internet, that no English language publisher seems interested in translating

and publishing the entire work is quite telling. Some not so small irony:  the world's most

acclaimed, award winning 20th Century writer can't get a translator for what could be one of his

most important  books.  One that is possibly insightful about all that was and is:  not only in 20th

Century Russia, but also in an America whose democracy has been usurped and whose

Constitution may be forever sealed under the thickest Arctic ice.                    

100 million murdered roughly 100 years ago. 

Today, the figure could easily be fifty or more

                            times greater!

NOTE:  (Facts on the Bolshevik "Archipelago System" are from Alexander Solzhenitsyn's 1975 address in

Washington, D. C, entitled "Words of Warning to America," published by Imprimis, a Hillsdale College online site.) 

Please be warned, America!  After all, Alexander Solzhenitsyn spent most of his life observing, researching, and

writing, both in Russia and America, and his observations are worth heeding.

     The two other articles referred to in the first sentence are by Scott Yenor (https://lawliberty.org/

americas-muzzled-freedom, 7-27-20) and The Saker (http://www.informationclearinghouse/article43803.htm,

12-24-15).  Also in the same several days time frame, a last minute check turned up several book reviews of

200 Years Together.  One could, of course, read a book review instead of a long, two volume book, but that might

be cheating Solzhenitsyn and oneself.  If, however, a "two volume opus"(untranslated) doesn't quite work into

your schedule . . . a good review can be enlightening and save time.  Days later, a second reading of the reviews

revealed a phrase that I had failed to notice before:  ORGANIZED GANGS.  Are these "gangs" very much the same

as the Organized Gangs ("Stalkers") of today?