Essays in Dr. Cherubini's new book, GLOBAL THUGGERY, create a grusome and terrifying picture of the torture that Targeted Individuals, their families, and their pets endure, 24/7.  He examines the "gang" stalking program responsible for the targeting, its roots, and the  clandestine perpetrators who assault individuals with electronic, chemical, or biological weaponry.  Included is an essay tracing the development of mind control technology, its purpose, and the tools used to control the human mind.      Available at

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Most profits from book sales will go to non-profit human and civil rights organizations.

Dr. Cherubini's discovery that he was a Targeted Individual is related in his first publication, also available at

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Some Premises from GLOBAL THUGGERY

--None of the "gang" stalking assassins possess the human elements of compassion, love, honesty, shame, respect.  Mark M. Rich, in his book, Invisible Eugenics, elaborates on th;e extent to which psychopaths represent a separate subspeices of the human race.  Note too that a sizable number of our population has been desensitized and programmed for violence by our media.

--That the psychopaths covertly controlling the  assassination programs have controlled American politics, the legal system, foreign and domestic policy, education, the media, as well as other aspects of our culture since the mid-sixties or before.

--‚ÄčThat there are s;ubtle and less subtle indicators of efforts to control the population and to eliminate those who resist control.  These indicators include national longevity, incarceration rates, suicide statistics, poverty, and military spending.  As we analyze our absurdly low longevity, we realize that citizens of some of the countries we once called "third world" countries now enjoy longer life spans than most Americans.

The life of Suzanne Countryman explodes into a million fragments the morning the window shattering explosion and fire in the house next door rocks her world.  Suzanne is a Targeted Individual--targeted for doing "the right thing" by powerful people who have her in their sights.  The man with two hats and his friend hold the key to her survival.

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